Our Clients

 At IAS we are concerned with implementing technological transformation strategies, providing our customers with value in their applications in an innovative, agile and fast way to always meet their needs. For 15 years we have supported mission projects of the best companies in our country and we are continuing to prepare ourselves to be up to the challenges that the world of technology and the future demands.

"Working with IAS is to have a strategic ally that helps us materialize our dreams, always contributing from experience and knowledge in new technologies with its characteristic seal of quality and opportunity".


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"The 2018 is my first year that I am working on a project with IAS for Renault importers in the Americas region; IAS has undoubtedly been a key element to implement the solution that we have embodied in the paper, the close, collaborative work with 12 countries in America and adaptation to the requirements, have been a constant, which gives satisfaction and confidence to have a perennial system in time and that can be improved with the experience of users.

IAS thanks for being part of Renault's success in importers from the Americas region".


"Since 2016 we have the support provided by I.A.S in order to get ahead our project of technological cars renewal".


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"With IAS, we have succeeded in making our dream of starting a business come true, at IAS we found flexible people with excellent knowledge and who understood our needs as a customer. We consider them a fundamental partner and without them it would not have been possible to launch Bumer on the market.".


"The University of Medellín has worked on several projects with the IAS company, my experience in particular with them has been very positive because it is a provider that does not simply supply the contracted need, but also makes recommendations and generates value to our University, I could say that instead of being a provider, it is an ally that helps us improve each one of the processes we intervene".


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