Our Services

They consist of knowing and materializing the technological needs of our clients; that's why we create and evolve software applications with practices that agilely deliver tangible results in short timeframes.


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Development of custom software

The changing world of today's companies forces us to respond quickly to the technological needs of our clients; that is why when we develop custom applications, our professionals understand your business, transform the need into efficient results, providing solutions with the highest standards of software development, using agile frameworks and applying the best practices in the industry.


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Movile applications development

At IAS, we ride in the constant dynamics of technology, which is why our mobile applications are at the forefront of current challenges, eliminating the barriers between computers and mobile devices. We develop applications for these platforms: Android, IOS and Windows.


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Support and maintenance of services in the cloud

Today's companies must prepare and develop effective policies that allow them to care, store, and above all, secure their information. At IAS you can count on advice and support about cloud services. The availability of the cloud will not only be relevant, but everyday it will become indispensable.

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Augmented staff of development teams

At IAS we offer a hybrid service, in which we not only deliver the skills of our qualified professional staff, but also provide support in each client with a project leader, in charge of ensuring that the service meets all expectations in both the human and the technician.

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CRM, Ecommerce, ERP

Companies must invest in solutions that optimize their processes and allow them to work better. That's why IAS, as ODOO's official partner for Colombia, offers a set of applications that allow managing the different resources of the organizations, allowing the integration between each one of them.


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Administration and support of technology projects

The information systems contemplate new needs every day, having to adjust to their environment and unexpected events. At IAS we have frameworks and practices that support, maintain and evolve applications, generating convenient service agreements for our clients.