Why build your career with us?


Our I+D and architecture units can develop training programs according to the needs of our customers, collaborators, and the market. 


Being part of our team will give you the opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills, soft skills, autonomy and growth both professionally and personally .


By solving technological problems from the largest and demanding companies in Colombia you'll improve your capabilities.


We will rely on your capabilities and ability to overcome challenges and be a part of a work culture filled with happiness, generosity, and fellowship.


Talent is what we value; we will guide you to find the projects and technologies that will fit your interests, preferences, and capabilities .


You will enjoy a rush of pride and satisfaction once thousands of people will begin to use your solutions.

Open Oportunities

What are the next steps in your life?

Cultivate your talent, develop new skills, and get to the next level by joining our IAS team.

In Colombia

Fullstack Developer


  • 5 Open opportunities  
  • Strong technical training, English C1 essential
  • Minimum experience of 3 years with:  JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJs 16+, NextJs, NodeJs(Nest o Express), Clean code, UnitTest
  • Databases: SQL, NoSQL
  • Knowledge and experience in AWS and/or Azure is desirable.

What do You need to become an IAS member?


The strength that pushes you to go far and beyond, that encourages you to accept bigger challenges and solve problems that others can’t.

Team work

You'll work on projects that involve team members, customers, and even competitors. Sharing your knowledge will contribute to achieving goals, performance improvements, and the success of the project.


Software development is constantly changing and the technology that is used today will be obsolete for tomorrow's problems. Your willingness to learn, explore, and create technology will take you to the next level.


Developing software is not only about technology, it is a human process that involves comprehension, communication, and coexistence with others to stay focused on the mission and get results..


Our clients expect that you listen, think, propose and create solutions. That's why you'll need to have confidence in your capabilities to transform your knowledge into problem-solving tools..


We are a team with curious minds always thinking and creating new tools to transform problems into competitive advantages.

How to join us?

6 Steps
to know
if this is
your dream

Résumé evaluation

We want to know what you have accomplished and created along your career 2Skills.
We will examine your talent and ensure that they match the necessary technical skills, company projects, and long term projections.

Talent survey

We will determine if your talents are in line with the technical capabilities, projects and projections of the company.

Psychological test 

Our culture and working methods are very important to us, we want to make sure you are a good fit for the IAS team.

Security validations 

We work with large and important companies around the country, and complying with their policies and security restrictions is very important to us. For this reason, security is paramount. 

Psychotechnical tests 

Growth and team success can be achieved if you contribute to, adapt to and support our work environment. .

Technical test and interview 

After thoroughly vetting each applicant through a series of interviews and tests we ensure that the applicant's capabilities and skills are a good match for our team..


IAS Software is always looking for new talent. If you didn't find anything that fits what you were looking for, please register and we will contact once we have new opportunities.